Independent School League Championship

New England Prep School Athletic Council (NEPSAC) Class A Tournament Appearances
2018 - Quarterfinals
2017 - Quarterfinals
2016 - Semifinals
2015 - Quarterfinals
2014 - Champions (Class B) 

Begun in 2013, the Nobles varsity volleyball team consistently aims to promote the legacy of superb performance among Nobles’ girls athletic programs. Through strong leadership, commitment, and dedication, the team relies on a ‘team-first’ culture that not only enhances the game-time dynamic, but also develops individuals of great character both on and off the court. Our focus each season is on honing fundamental skills, improving court- and game-sense, and displaying mental toughness. We are committed to developing novice and experienced players and fostering the technical and mental skills that will make our team and individual players competitive in the Independent School League (ISL) and beyond. Each season, at least one of our players is recognized by ISL coaches as an All-League honoree or honorable mention, an achievement that illustrates the respect the program garners from our peers. As a second-year program, Nobles’ girls varsity volleyball team proudly captured the 2014 New England Preparatory School Athletic Council (NEPSAC) Class B Volleyball Championship title, and appeared in the Class A tournament the following fall. Beyond the win-loss column and the accolades, the Nobles varsity volleyball team prides itself most on building lasting friendships while competing at a high level playing a game we all love.

The game schedule has not been finalized for this team.

09/18/2021ISL Play Day 
09/21/2021GrotonW 3 - 1 
09/25/2021St. Paul's School, NHL 3 - 0 
09/29/2021AndoverL 3 - 0 
10/01/2021Buckingham Browne & Nichols SchoolL 3 - 0 
10/02/2021St. George'sW 3 - 0 
10/06/2021TaborW 3 - 1 
10/08/2021Thayer AcademyW 3 - 0 
10/09/2021Milton AcademyW 3 - 1 
10/13/2021ExeterL 3 - 0 
10/15/2021Dana Hall SchoolL 3 - 2 
10/16/2021Dana Hall SchoolW 3 - 1 
10/22/2021St. Paul's School, NHL 3 - 2 
10/23/2021MiddlesexL 3 - 0 
10/27/2021Governor’s AcademyL 3 - 2 
10/30/2021Lawrence AcademyW 3 - 1 
11/03/2021ExeterL 3 - 0 
11/05/2021BrooksW 3 - 1 
11/10/2021Rivers SchoolL 3 - 0 
11/13/2021Milton AcademyL 3 - 2 
09/17/2022ISL Play Day 
09/24/2022St. Paul's School, NH 
09/30/2022Buckingham Browne & Nichols School 
10/01/2022St. George's 
10/07/2022Thayer Academy 
10/08/2022Milton Academy 
10/14/2022Dana Hall School 
10/26/2022Governor’s Academy 
10/29/2022Lawrence Academy 
11/09/2022Rivers School 
11/12/2022Milton Academy 

The roster for this team has not been finalized.